How To Turn Off Your Gas Water Heater

How To Turn Off Your Gas Water Heater …

No matter what problem arises in your water heater, it is always better to switch off the water heater first. This decrease the chances of any technical mishap.

With the advent of the electrical water heater, the use of gas water heaters has decreased from some to least. Switching the electrical water heater is easy and requires no technical knowledge. However, turning off a gas heater can be risky and challenging. So, for ease, we have prepared this post to guide you on turning off your gas water heater.

4 Simple Steps To Turn Off Your Gas Water Heater

As a homeowner, if you sense something’s wrong with your water heater, turn it off immediately. Here are a few steps you can take to turn off your water heater completely:

Terminate The Connection Of The Gas

Those owning a gas water heater must be very careful while using it. If you think your water heater is not operating as smoothly as it should, then it’s time for an immediate inspection of your water heater.

But before inspection, locate the thermostat on your water heater. Once you have located it, switch it to OFF. It will terminate the connection of the gas.

Ensure That The Water Supply Is Turned Off

Once you have switched off the gas supply, you have to ensure that there is no water supply in the water heater. To do this, locate the water valve on the water heater, and turn it clockwise until the water stops flowing.

Drain The Water Heater

After turning off the water supply from the water heater, the next step is to drain all the water from the water heater. Attach a hose or a pipe to the drain valve and take the other end of the hose to a place where you can safely drain out all the water.

To avoid any potential wastage of water, it is best to drain all the water in the garden. Now close the cold water faucet and open the hot water faucet. Repeat the same until there is no water flowing through the faucets.

When To Get A Professional For Help

Whenever something is wrong with your daily use appliance, it is better to get professional help. But still, there are some serious cases where you must never mess up with your electric water heater and get professional assistance. These cases are:

Water Heater Making Strange Noises

If you own a water heater, you must have heard it make weird noises. When a water heater starts making strange or unbearable noise, it needs immediate attention.

So, if you hear s screeching, hissing, clanging, or any other voice created by your water heater, then get a clue and request an immediate inspection.

Leakage Fixing

It’s good to be self-sufficient and equipped with some basic appliance knowledge, but when it comes to technical repairs, let the professionals do their jobs.

So, whenever you observe water heater leakage, take it as an indication to dial up a professional and get help. While the expert is on his way, ensure to switch off the gas water heater to avoid any mishap.

Not Enough Hot Water

Water heaters are designed to provide hot water for your various home chores. However, when you start feeling your water heater is giving enough hot water, it is high time to get a professional to inspect it.

There can be several reasons you are facing a no-hot water issue. One of them can be a faulty thermostat. Problems in the thermostat and temperature valve can affect the overall water heating capacity of the water heater. It is better to get it checked without wasting time.

Final Words

Turning off the water heater may not be rocket science, but being careful while doing it is important for the person dealing with it. This blog discusses how to turn off your gas water heater and when to consult a water heater technician.

However, professionals recommend homeowners go for annual or biannual water heater repair maintenance. It will improve the efficiency, operability, and overall working of the water heater.

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