How To Replace Water Heater Pilot Light on Water Heater

How To Replace Water Heater Pilot Light on Water Heater…

Many of you may have heard of and used a water heater, but half of you are still not knowledgeable about what is a pilot light. In that case, let’s solve this problem of yours.

Pilot Light – Introduction

The pilot light is the core part of a water heater or any other heat-producing appliance. It is a small flame placed in gas-fired appliances like water heaters and furnaces.

There is only a concept of water heating producing warm or hot water with the presence of a pilot light. The process of pilot light producing heat and warming water is quite simple:

  • Turn on the appliance
  • Once the appliance is turned on, it releases gas to the burner
  • The heat transferred to the burner ignites the pilot light
  • Later, heat is produced, and the water warming process starts.

Is Your Water Suddenly Running Cold

As a homeowner, if your water heater is five to eight years old, you might have faced a no-hot water problem. Many people fail to understand what causes this problem.

There may be several reasons for initiating the no-water heating problem in your water heater. One of the major causes is a terribly malfunctioned pilot light. A slight disturbance in the pilot light of your water heater can affect the water heating ability of your water heater.

To avoid this problem, you need to get professional assistance and not mess up with the water heater inspection on your own. The other way to avoid this problem is the timely maintenance of your water heater.

According to Peni Accomplish water heater experts, you must clean, flush, and maintain your water heater twice a year. It keeps your water heater in top condition, minimizing the overall repair cost of your water heater.

Instructions On How To Replace Your Water Heater Pilot Light?

Are you facing problem any serious problems with your water heater? If yes, then it must be high time to replace your water heater pilot light. It takes five simple steps to replace the pilot light:

Ensure The The Gas Is Turned Off

Before getting your hand in replacing the pilot light, you must ensure that the gas supply is terminated or turned off. It is necessary for your safety.

Locate The Pilot Light

Once you are confident about turning off the gas supply, you must locate the pilot heater. As the water heater differs in shape and size, there is the possibility of a difference in the pilot light’s location.

Inspect For Any Gas Leaks

Gas leakage is as threatening to life as a loaded gun. So, it is better to check that there is no gas leakage from your water heater. Also, just to be double sure about the situation, turn off the main gas supply.

Light Up The Pilot Light

The next step is igniting the pilot light to check what actually is the problem with it. In some cases, the malfunction may be due to the accumulation of dirt, which can be fixed after cleaning. However, in case of a major problem, it is always better to hit an emergency water heating technician.


Water heaters are more than essentials, particularly in chilling weather. However, a slight malfunction in its pilot light can give you serious trouble. So, it is always a great idea to get your water heater regularly checked by field professionals. It does not keep the water heater in functioning condition. It also helps in extending its life span. Go through this blog to get a clear idea about what can be the major problems in your pilot light and how you can fix them without robbing a bank.

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