Which Is Better – Tankless Or Traditional Water Heaters

Which Is Better – Tankless Or Traditional Water Heaters…

Do you need clarification about which water heater to get for your place or office? You might find your answers in this blog. There has always been a combat between tankless vs. tank water heaters to decide which is the best. But today, the discussion is about tankless and traditional water heaters.

Before the invention of tankless water heaters, every 4 out of 5 people trusted and preferred using traditional water heaters as they had no better options. However, as the tankless water heater came into being, people gradually shifted their ways from traditional to tankless ones.

Now, if you are in the decision-making phase of which water heater to get, this blog can help you through.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Regarding energy efficiency, the traditional water heater is not fit to compete with tankless water heaters. You might utilize more energy to reheat the water in the traditional water heater. At the same time, the case is not the same in tankless ones.

Maintenance Costs

Electrical appliances cannot work without annual or monthly maintenance. The same goes for electrical heaters. But, compared to a tank water heater, the tank-free one requires less care and maintenance. It is because the overall body of the heater is made of plastic. So it is easy to clean and maintain too.

But the maintenance can be challenging for tankless ones as they are made of steel. Besides, tank water heaters are more prone to the risk of corrosion. So, clearly, tankless water heaters win the maintenance race!

Installation Costs

Tank water heaters are relatively inexpensive compared to tankless ones. On average, a tank water heater obeys the installation process for a maximum of $1000. The installation cost of a tankless water heater begins at $2500, which is a bit pricey. But, still, most people prefer choosing tankless ones as it is way more efficient than storage tank heaters. So, no matter how much the installation cost, a tankless water heater is still the most preferred one.


Before deciding and panicking about getting a new and efficient water heater, it is essential to gather maximum information about it. Storage water heaters are old-school and have several drawbacks. This means it is not a smart decision to consider them.

In terms of performance, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, tankless water heaters have always been ahead in the game. However, the purchase and installation costs of these water heaters are 2 times more than the storage ones. Still, people consider tankless ones as a smart and one-time investment.

Instant Hot Water

A water heater is all about providing hot or lukewarm water. However, the greatest benefit of getting a tankless water heater is that it gives instant hot water as soon as you turn it on. At the same time, the case is not the same as the tank water heater.

While using a tank water heater, you must switch on the heater at least an hour prior to use, which makes it consume more energy. It also increases the units on the utility bills.

Final Words

To ease the day-to-day arising debate between the tank and tankless water heater, we have listed some of the most prominent water heater traits. All these points come together to solution that tankless water heaters are the smarter ones. These comparisons also make them much better than traditional heaters.

In terms of energy efficiency, performance, saving units on utility bills, and providing an instant water heater, the tankless heater has all the votes. So, if you are deciding to get a water heater, tankless water heaters are the best ones to prefer.

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