8 Tips for Effective Water Heater Maintenance

8 Tips for Effective Water Heater Maintenance…

Despite being the most significant home appliance, homeowners overlook the importance of water heaters. Yet, they are one of the most important appliances for winter survival. Thus, water heater maintenance is effective for several reasons. First, it helps in keeping the water warm for the required home chores. Whether you have a tankless water heater or a water heater with a tank, maintenance is the key to keeping it working seamlessly.

The homeowners can easily maintain water heaters. Therefore, they do not always require spending too much money. However, homeowners can avoid costly water heater repairs by following some practical water heater maintenance tips we have mentioned below.

·       Get A Regular Inspection

Getting your water heater regularly plays a significant role in keeping the water heater in a functioning position. Finally, regular inspection of your electrical appliances like water heaters or air conditioners is necessary. It helps the homeowners in estimating the current condition of the water heater.

·       Flush Water Annually

Sediment buildup in the water heater may not cause damage to the overall working of the water heater, but it surely decreases the heater’s capacity. Therefore, it is essential to flush off the water from the water heater once or twice a year. For instance, regular cleaning and flushing of a water heater are necessary. In addition, it helps eliminate the sediment buildup from the water heater, improving the water heating capacity.

Once you are done cleaning the water heater, refill it with water. Also, remember not to turn on the water heater without filling it. It can damage the water heater and invite costly and unnecessary overhead water heater repair for you.

·       Tank Insulation

Insulation has always been beneficial. Similarly, an insulated water tank also has several benefits. First, entrapped heat with the water heater helps the water heater to serve its purpose of the invention. So, one of the most significant benefits of an insulated tank is that it prevents the heat from escaping the tank.

Due to the heat trapped inside the water heater, it requires less energy to operate. Therefore, an insulated water heater is a great way to reduce energy expenses. Moreover, this way, the amount of strain on the water heater is reduced, ensuring it lasts longer.

  • Lower Temperature

Every water heater has a specific temperature to work perfectly on. It is pretty significant to operate the water heater at the required temperature. Some homeowners tend to operate the water heater at higher temperatures than practical temperatures. As a result, it can affect the overall capacity of the water heater.

Operating water heaters at low temperatures has several benefits. The water heaters used at a lower temperature promise energy efficiency. Also, they are known to prevent unnecessary skin burns.

  • Inspecting Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve is present above the water heater. The primary function of this valve is to open and release warm, lukewarm, or hot water. Also, there are chances of a water heater explosion in case of extreme pressure on the valve. Therefore, while cleaning or inspecting the water heater, the pressure valve is closed, and the water is let out of the valve. It decreases the chance of water heater explosion.

However, many people wonder when the right time to install a new pressure valve is. These are the signs that will indicate that you need to change  the pressure valves:

  1. If the technician pulls the valve and no water flows from the heater, then it is time to change the valve.
  2. If the technician opens and closes the tab and the water still keeps flowing, you need to change the valve.
  3. The anode rod is coated with calcium.
  4. If the anode rod has a thick rusting layer, it needs to be changed immediately.


  • Replacement Of The Anode Rod

Anode rod has a core metal steel. The anode rod is usually used to prevent corrosion in the water heater. However, if your anode rod is exposed to more than 6 inches, you need to change the anode rod immediately. It functions so that all the corrosion substances are attracted to the rod, keeping the water clean.

The anode rod is made of magnesium and aluminum. However, the experts recommend changing the rod after every three years. Also, it is easy to check the condition of the anode rod. Simply unscrew the tankless water heater and have a look at the rod. If it is rusted, it means it needs to be changed immediately.

·       Replace the Air Intake Filter

Installation of an air intake filter is the best way to keep the debris away from the clean water. The air intake filter traps all the debris, preventing it from entering the clean water. However, it is necessary to replace their filters after every three months. Also, the filter replacement time depends on the purity of the water flowing through the pipelines.

·       Request Professional Inspection

Regular inspection of the water heater can prevent significant issues and unnecessary water heater repairs. There are several other advantages of getting a timely inspection. First, it can help your water heater function a long way without troubling you. A professional inspection of your water heater makes it easier for you to detect the necessary water heater repairs.

Closing Lines

Water heaters are an essential yet basic need of life. It plays a huge role in completing all the home chores without much effort. However, regular professional maintenance of the water heater is essential to estimate the overall condition of the water heater. In addition, it helps the owner know when to get the water heater replaced.

Having a water heater is no less than a blessing, particularly in the winter. But, for that, the homeowners must ensure regular yet annual professional maintenance of the water heaters. There can be several reasons affecting the water heater’s working, functionality and life span. The homeowners must ensure to stay updated about the water heater repair and water heater replacement.

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