Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater Over A Tank Water Heater

Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater Over A Tank Water Heater …

Water heaters are a necessity for most households today. However, given the variety of available water heaters, there is always a debate on which one should be bought. The most argument takes place on the tank or tankless water heater, as this choice becomes the real game changer.

Most people believe that the conventional techniques for water heating are less efficient and a tankless water heater works best, while others say the opposite. So if you are planning to buy a water heater and are confused about which one to get due to mixed reviews, read on to explore both. We have covered an in-depth study and analysis of both water heaters for a better understanding and side-by-side comparison.

Without further ado, let’s discover the benefits of tankless water heaters and tank water heaters based on variables including cost, customer feedback, maximum GPM, heating capacity (BTUs), Energy Star certification, and more.

Difference Between Tankless And Tank Water Heaters

There are two different kinds of water heaters: one has a tank, and the other does not. They both have advantages and disadvantages that vary. To assist homeowners and contractors in selecting the kind of water heater that will work best for them, we have compared tank vs. tankless water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are popular for many reasons, and the absence of storage tank aces the list. Since, they don’t have any tanks, they don’t store any water or heat it continuously. This makes them energy effient, light on budget, and highly convenient, as it provides water on demand.

However, you might be thinking that how does it heat water when it doesn’t store any. Well, the water is heated through a heating device that has water pipes attached to it. When the water passes through this device, it heats up and then is pushed towards the faucet. The heater uses electricity or gas and makes hot water accessible as soon as it is needed. Given their ability to process hot water instantly, they are also called on-demand water providers.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are proven to decrease your energy consumption. In fact, between 24 and 34 percent better water heater efficiency compared to storage tank water heaters is seen by homeowners. These reports come from people utilizing on-demand (tankless) water heaters that utilize less than 41 gallons or less of hot water daily. This means you may save an extra 8 to 14 percent on electricity if you use a lot of hot water each day (around 86 gallons).

You will pay more for a tankless water heater than for a conventional storage tank heater. However, tankless devices have a useful life of 20 years or more and outlast traditional water heater units. Compared to storage tank types, depending on where they are located, only survive 10 to 15 years until they self-destruct, flooding your basement or home.

Instant Hot Water

Your clients might be skeptical that a tankless unit can do the task of efficiently heating water because that is the whole function of a water heater. The good news is that users won’t have to give up functionality in order to maximize space and energy efficiency. Tankless types swiftly heat water as needed, as opposed to storage water heaters that do so one tank at a time. With a tankless water heater, customers won’t have the issue of cold showers because instant water heater for shower will be provided whenever needed

Takes Up Less Space

Although tankless heaters have been around for a while, they have some benefits over conventional tank systems that aren’t yet commonly employed around the world. If you live in a house, which is not very spacious, tankless water heaters are what you need. These heaters can be installed at very small places and works better than traditional heaters. Whereas traditional water heaters require more efforts and some yards in your house in the installation process.

A tankless water heater can be handled easily, and you can move it from one place to another without any hassle. Installing it will not be problematic as they occupy less space. The quantity of space that may be made available in the home is another advantage of a tankless water heater. The conventional heaters come with the storage capacity of 60 gallons, are 60 inches in height, and 24 inches wide. Particularly if your house isn’t very big, that’s a lot of room wasted in the day age where small compact devices are preferred.

Longer Lifetime

Most models of tankless water heaters last longer than the ones that have tanks – no matter what size. In fact, the research shows if we draw compression of the tankless water tank with a traditional water heater, you will notice an almost double life span.

A tankless hot water heater with a longer lifespan will pay for itself to prove its worth more quickly.

Water heaters without tanks have a 20-year lifespan or more. On the contrary, tankless water heaters would last anywhere from 10 to 12 years.

Investing your money in a more reliable thing can make you relax for longer as it requires less frequent maintenance. For people who opt for long-benefits and cost efficiency, tankless water heaters are a great fit. Whereas traditional water heaters are more affordable for anyone, but they will need more space and services in the longer term, which means you must add up the repair cost in this calculation.

Endless Supply Of Water

A tankless water heater can suffice if you often need hot water. A conventional heater with a tank could let you down at any time since the water supply might deplete. A tankless water heater benefit, on the other hand, gives your house an advantage by just heating the water when and for whenever long you desire. As a result, you always have access to hot water whenever you need it, no matter the time of day. Never again will the hot water run out!

Hot water heaters that are available when needed are well renowned for being just that. There is no waiting for hot water with these devices, saving you both time and money on your utility costs.


If you’re looking for a way to save money long-term, improve your home’s energy efficiency and don’t mind making an expensive investment upfront, a tankless water heater will meet all your needs and more. It’s a great long-term purchase for your home that will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

If you still find yourself confused, get in touch with Accomplish, a renowned plumbing company. We assist our clients about the benefits of both types of water heaters with examples of how they work and their impact on usage and electricity bills. With our help, many people are able to take informed decisions and so can you!






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